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      Home > Products > Batch High Shear Mixer > High Shear Mixer(hydraulic lifting)  

    High Shear Mixer(hydraulic lifting)

    Application Scope
    Material viscosity: <=100,000 cps
    Production Capacity: 30L-10000L
    Applied materials: suitable for emulsifying, homogenizing and dispersing materials in industries, such as biology, pharmacy, food, cosmetic, ink and pesticides etc.
    Machine Features
    High linear velocity, high performance shearing
    CNC made rotor and stators
    Interchange working heads
    SS304 and SS316L material

    Product Introduction
    Hydraulic Lifting High Shear Mixer is narrows the particle size of Liquid- liquid and liquid-solid materials through external mechanical force and distributes one phase materials into another phase or many other phases evenly to realize good homogenizing, dispersing and emulsifying result and obtain stable emulsion. Suitable for high viscosity fluids low emulsification and homogenization, such as aqueous oil-based ink, industrial paint and wood, all kinds of pastes, pesticide suspensions, asphalt, fruit jam, pulp, bio-diesel, lubricants, creams, lipsticks, milk products, textile, medicine syrup.

    100 - 10,000 litres.
    Special workheads available for all models.
    Materials of Construction
    Product contact in SS304 or 316L stainless steel.
    Motor Specification
    1-75 kW, TEFC, flame proof, ATEX approved and stainless steel motors available as standard.
    All mixers can be supplied with fixed hydraulic stand
    Where sealing is required, lip seals and single or double mechanical shaft seals can be supplied.
    Speed is adjustable with frequency inverter.

    Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Hydraulic power(kw) Lifting(mm) Capacity(liter)
    BR-4 4 0-3000 0.55 700 30-100
    BR-7.5 7.5 0-3000 0.75 700 40-200
    BR-11 11 0-3000 0.75 900 50-300
    BR-15 15 0-3000 0.75 900 50-400
    BR-18.5 18.5 0-3000 1.5 900 80-600
    BR-22 22 0-1500 1.5 1200 80-600
    BR-30 30 0-1500 1.5 1200 250-1200
    BR-37 37 0-1500 2.2 1200 500-1500
    BR-45 45 0-1000 2.2 1400 500-2000
    BR-75 75 0-1000 3 1500 600-3000
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