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      Lab Equipment
      Lab Homogenizer
      Lab high shear mixer
      Electric Lift High Shear Mixer
      Lab Inline High Shear Mixer
      Lab Variable Speed Disperser
      Lab Economic Disperser
      Lab Disperser(electric lifting)
      Lab Closed Vacuum Disperser
      Lab Basket Mill( Manual lifting)
      Lab Electric lift Basket Mill
      Lab horizontal bead mill
      Pilot horizontal bead mill
      Lab Three Roll Mill
      Laboratory Mixing Tank
      Disperser and Dissolver
      Pneumatic High Speed Disperser
      Hydraulic High Speed Disperser
      Vacuum Closed Disperser
      Disperser with Lifting Cover
      Disperser with Scraper
      Double Shafts Disperser
      Tank Multi-Functional Disperser
      Mixer and Agitator
      Single Shaft Mixer
      Concentric Dual Shaft Disperser
      Vessel Mixer
      Extruder machine
      Tri-Shafts multi-functional Mixer
      Double Shafts Disperser
      Horizontal Bead Mill
      Disc Horizontal Bead Mill
      Hi-Efficiency Horizontal Bead Mill
      High Flux Horizontal Bead Mill
      Stick Pins Bead Mill
      Basket Mill
      Basket Mill (pneumatic lifting)
      Hydraulic Lift Basket Mill
      Vacuum Closed Basket Mill
      Three Roll Mill
      Manual Control Three Roll Mill
      Hydraulic Control Three Roll Mill
      Ceramic Coated Three Roll Mill
      Batch High Shear Mixer
      Batch High Shear Mixer
      High Shear Mixer(manual lifting)
      High Shear Mixer(pneumatic lifting)
      Bottom Entry High Shear Mixer
      Liquid Powder High Shear Mixer
      High Shear Mixer(hydraulic lifting)
      Vacuum Emulsifier
      Inline High Shear Mixer
      1 stage inline high shear mixer
      three stages inline high shear mixer
      Filling and Filtering
      Semi-automatic filling machine
      Filling machine with capping
      Two Nozzel filling machine
      Big Drum filling machine
      Bag Filter with pump
      Tank and Vessel
      Laboratory Mixing Tank
      Movable Production Tank
      Mixing Vessel
      Multi-Functional Mixing Tank
      Liquids Storage Tank
      Turnkey production plant
      water-based paint production line
      Solvent-based Paint Production Line
      Pesticide Complete Production Line
      Home > Service And Support  

    Technical support Guarantee

    We believe what customers need is not only a professional, reliable and efficient project management team to provide a complete power production line with perfect design and excellent-quality machines, but also considerate and professional service. So our final target is not winning orders from our customers but let all our customers feel relax and satisfied with all we have served. With world-class after-sales service system and service team, Shanghai Espread Industry provides excellent service to our customers adhering to the aim of customer satisfaction. We guarantee:
    1 We ensure one year warranty, life-long service and provides technical support free of charge within or after warranty;
    2 We provide 24-hour customer hot-line service. There are professional engineers to answer customers  questions. We will respond within 1 hour after receiving feedback from customers.
    3 Professional technical serviceman will go to the site if the problem can not be solved over the phone call, and they will not leave until the problems are solved.
    4 Within the warranty period, we provide recall repair services for free Excluding force majeure damage and artificial damage. After the warranty period, we only charge cost of the required materials;
    5 We have big warehouse of spare parts. All the spare parts of Espread Industry machines will be available at market or our company in 10 years from the delivery of the machine with charge of the required-materials cost.
    6 Equipment updating service: with continuous innovation and upgrading of Espread Industry products, if the performance of the machine you bought can not meet your requirements after years of service, we can provide upgrading service at charge of cost price only.
    7 We will archive documents such as commercial documents, technical documents, ex-factory records, maintenance records, repair records etc of each machine or project in our system to provide better and faster service to every customer.

    Technical Support Process

    1 In the early stage of the communicate, we will provide different Product Inquiry Forms to customers. Our experienced engineer team will introduce and recommend the most suitable machines for customers based the filled form. For customized products, we will make solutions according to customers requirements and solve the technical difficulties.
    2 After two sides sign the contract, Technical Department will do general drawings for the ordered equipment in a time as short as possible to customers to confirm. If any improvement is required, we will revise the drawings until the most reasonable design is confirmed mutually.
    3 When the machines are ready, we will provide free test service for the machines in our factory. We will introduce the function features, operation and maintenance etc. in details to customers. And we will also provide detailed Product Manual for customers to use the machine easily.
    4 After the machine arrived to the customers factory, we will keep in touch with the customers to give solutions in time if necessary to ensures the smooth machine star-up. After the customers use the machine, if any problem from customers, we will respond and resolve it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our machine technology is updating always. And we will keep our customers informed if any new update and provide product upgrading service for old machines if required.

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